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Dinka traditional cultural dance project

Basketball for young people project

African youth leadership conference project.

We had done these projects at Cumberland council areas, as a way of monitoring young people against any crimes. World Rescue Mission Agency Development Service Incorporated has observed ongoing anti-social behaviors at Cumberland council areas; this monitoring report has come from the boards of directors of World Rescue Mission Agency Development Service.

Our governing directors have seen anti-social grouping at the Cumberland council, city Centre, the sports facilities, Rail-ways venues and the street which does not have any street lights. There is much random consumption of alcohol on the street and which causes violence and fear amongst the communities who are living in Cumberland council areas.

Our last event was on 14 September 2019 at 17 miller Street, Cumberland community Centre, the event was Dinka traditional cultural dancing event and many young people attended this important event in numbers. during that event many invitee leaders has come from different sections of communities, and each of  the leaders has been given a chance to speak about many issues that affected young people’s future, such as social gathering in anti-social behaviors ways, that involved consumption of alcohols and drugs at the street, which has put the communities lives at risk.

In December 2020 our boards of directors has made a meeting, for that remarkable event, and the meeting was made as a review of event outcome and continuation other monitoring program.

Therefore our board has agreed to continue with the monitoring programs activities  such as basketball training, and soccer, youth camping, African festivals, Dinka traditional cultural dancing, Assignment home club, employment program and leadership conferences workshops. one of the main challenge was where we can getting the grants that will take our monitoring for 2 years to organize numbers of events that will engages young people and remove them from the street, and turning them into their future productive.

Our organization campaigns, we wanted to make sure the young people are active at an employment programs, also we wanted them to focus on their education programs and sports activities such as basketballs, soccer and footballs, and taking part in all sport training clubs in NSW.

The project will engage youth at risk in a number of sporting, cultural and leadership activities and workshops to prevent them from being exposed to crime at an early age and to steer them towards full integration into their communities.

Educational Young people scholarships program, as the organization is sponsoring students from primary to secondary school, university and college.

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